Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lost and...never found

Aww isn’t that a sweet moment. My boys. He really is the beloved daddy in our home, but he isn’t taking a hiatus at sustaining his Idiot Husband title…

What does a wedding band and house key have in common? The ability to be lost by Idiot Husband…multiple times! Maybe he has an aversion to metal. Or maybe he just enjoys witnessing the gaze of bewilderment in my eyes when he asks me to obtain replacements of these items.

The key request always starts off the same:
“How many keys did you get made last time?”
2’ (I like even numbers)
“Only 2, not several?”
‘No, only 2. What have you done with them?’
“I don’t know, that is why I need you to make more keys”

So enlightening. Why does he continue to take the house key off of his keychain? These are questions I cannot worry my pretty little head about.

The ring story/request can vary…but it always starts off with water and ends with him using a metal detector. The latest one goes like so:

“Did you see me wearing my ring when I was on the roof?”
‘Um, no. It was raining and you were cleaning the gutters on a metal ladder so I decided to stay inside so the kids wouldn’t see their daddy become a human lightening rod.’
“Well I think I had it on when I got off the roof and it maybe came off when I was using the water hose.”
‘Actually dear, I did witness your impressive dismount from the roof onto the fence, but checking to see if you were in one piece distracted me from checking your ring finger specifically.’

The next few days involved a treasure hunt with a metal detector, which delighted the boy and girl, but revealed no wedding band. He is now on #3…in 7 years. Not a good ratio Idiot Husband.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Accessories and Examples

Girlfriend loves her accessories! She finds hats and props to pose with all day. And she chooses these items, and dresses herself with them. I'm just fortunate enough to have my camera handy :)Here are 2 of her latest styles

Rainboots and a piglet pancake pan? why not!

Viking hat. Check. Water gun. Check.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A trip to the ER, classic family evening

Does this look like a sick baby to you? Maybe sick of being decorated with stickers from her big brother. So you can imagine how shocked we were when she literally could not get a full breath of air later that night. One ER trip later, and she has croup cough and pneumonia. Who does?? My laughing, dancing, huge appetite having, no fever running, never coughing, pleasantly dispositional child? Uh huh. Daddy was on duty with this one, so I asked him if the Dr and nurses gave him dirty looks and if we should expect a visit from CPS. Really, there were no signs, but we felt terrible for her all the same. Here is a picture of her with her 1st ER bracelet

If she is as much like her daddy as this rough and tumble little girl seems to be, this will be the start of a collection.

And what are these pictures below? Oh just my 2 crazed children at the pediatricians office the next day. Due to the lack of symptoms I wanted to get some blood work done to verify her diagnosis. They had other plans. Plans to destroy the good doctor’s office while we waited for the results. Literally, she tore up books behind my back while I was attempting to put the examination table back together. The boy likes things in pieces. I failed, and just placed the metal parts on top of the table. I’m not sure if that look from the nurse was of pity for me handling these two alone or of pity for the bill she knew I was going to get now.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

And then there were 4

Let’s continue with catching up for August. Sick babies was a natural consequence of the new school, which I will save for a later rant. That brings us to the newest additions to my home that I have to feed and clean. Fish. Boring fish. Idiot Husband’s idea. Fish? We ended up at the pet store last Sunday to see the adoption animals. The cute furry kind. We somehow ended up showing the kids “Nemos”. An hour later we are setting up a tank at our house. The boy and girl each have a stool to stand on to get a better view of their new pets, aka mommy’s new responsibility.
And what am I asked constantly by the boy?
“where Nemo mama, where Nemo?”
The boy repeats everything twice. To ensure he is heard, or to emphasize the importance of his inquisitiveness, I’m not sure. Anyway, I point at a fish and tell him there is Nemo.
“no mama, not Nemo, that is fish.”
So Idiot Husband has successfully bought plain old fish. No Nemos. Therefore, no interest to the children. Which is a good thing since only one week in, and there is one less Nemo.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sick and Stupid

Sick babies, sick mommy, mommy’s birthday, new pets, new child care, and the usual excuses are the latest excuses for no blogging. Let me start with sick babies (3 weeks ago). I get a call at work from a frantic daddy that the boy has thrown up several times and there is no where left to sit in the house. Apparently the boy chose the furniture to get sick on. Even though he doesn’t directly ask, I know this is my cue to leave the office. I arrive home to a boy with a fever, but no more upset tummy and a teething girl who wants to play. This I expected. I did not expect all of the cushions from my couch and chair in the driveway, along with the cushion covers draped across my laundry drying rack. This rack is meant for sweaters. In my house. Not in the front lawn to display my living room upholstery. Does the sun not shine in our backyard oh Idiot Husband? I am still awaiting the HOA reprimand…
The photo is after I re-dressed my furniture, but not the kids. Sick babies are happiest in pull-ups and diapers :)